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SARVAL - a brand of SARVAL Fischermanns GmbH

In Marl and Hopfgarten, SARVAL Fischermanns GmbH produces protein meals and fats under the SARVAL brand from animal by-products of the so-called category 3, which are not suitable for human consumption. These include bones, offal such as heart, lungs and liver, but also tails or off-cuts. European Regulation 1069/1009 classifies these by-products as safe for human consumption. However, they are not used for food production for commercial reasons, for example.

SARVAL Fischermanns GmbH in Duisburg operates a food fat melting plant under the Fischermanns brand. In Dissen, two production lines for processing animal by-products are operated under the Kurt Fülling Tierprodukte brand. These are a fat melting plant and a production line for processing animal by-products. Both production lines manufacture fats and proteins for the pet food industry and technical applications.

SARVAL Fischermanns offers a full range of services for slaughterhouses, cutting plants and butchers throughout Germany and neighbouring countries. We also provide our suppliers with empty packaging systems for the collection and intermediate storage of raw materials on site. With the documentation of our services via mobile readers (PDA), we offer customers flexible scheduling with short-term collection rhythms as well as a digital receipt system.  

Rapid disposal also guarantees high-quality end products. Depending on the quality and composition of the raw materials, this results in high-quality ingredients for pet food or technical fats, for example. SARVAL Fischermanns complies with all technical quality standards and directives of the European Union. Our products are subject to constant control by the responsible veterinary authorities. In addition, regular controls of our quality management guarantee the safety of our products.

We are part of SARIA.

With our 11,000 employees and operations in 26 countries, we are committed to a sustainable world and healthier living.


Employees worldwide

Operating Countries

What we do.

As the SARIA Group, we create value for our partners and the environment by acting as a reliable service provider and manufacturer of quality products for the agricultural, energy, animal feed, food, catering and pharmaceutical industries. Our extensive product and service portfolio is based on the transformation of animal by-products and organic residues into high-quality raw materials for new applications. In this way, scarce natural resources can be conserved in many places. This is how our business model makes a decisive contribution to environmental sustainability. 

How we follow our goals.

Our activities are characterised by entrepreneurial thinking combined with a high degree of local ownership. As a family business with a long history, pragmatism, a hands-on mentality and passion for our business are also very important to us.
We want to be the best partner for sustainable solutions and set new standards within our industry: We pursue these goals with a strong customer orientation, reliability and many years of expertise in what we do. Quality-oriented processes enable us to meet individual requirements as well. For us, the basic prerequisite for establishing long-term business relationships and fulfilling our corporate responsibility is, in addition to respectful cooperation, uncompromising compliance with legal, ethical, social and ecological standards.

Our Framework

We have set out our ambitions and values in the SARIA Framework, which serves as an anchor and point of reference for our day-to-day activities. At the same time, it is a promise to you as our business partners to work together in a spirit of trust and to successfully shape the future together.

Our contribution to sustainability

The SDGs are the core of the 2030 Agenda, which the United Nations adopted in 2015. They are preceded by five core messages as principles guiding action: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership (“The 5 Ps").

We would like to show you what SARIA is doing to achieve these goals and what concrete measures we are taking to be ecologically, economically and socially sustainable. More

The SARIA Group is managed by the members of the Executive Board:

  • Hendrikus van Boxtel
  • Nicolas Rottmann
  • Lars Krause-Kjær
  • Dr. Peter Hill
  • Franz-Bernhard Thier
  • Tim Alexander Schwencke
    (from left to right)

A career with SARIA.

We are the best partner for sustainable solutions and set new standards within our industry with tailor-made products and services. We look forward to meeting you!

With over 11,000 employees and operations in 26 countries around the world, SARIA is a global company and one of the leading specialists in the recycling of animal and plant residues. At the same time, as a family business, we value a hands-on mentality and want to challenge and promote each employee according to their abilities. It is this combination that makes us stand out as an employer and characterises everyday working life at SARIA.

Thanks to the wide range of activities and the continuous growth of our group, we offer exciting career opportunities and suitable jobs for almost any professional background. As an employee of the SARIA Group, you too can play your part in supporting the sustainable use of resources. You can find more information and current job openings here.

You would like to know more about our work?

Then please contact us. We look forward to your feedback.
E-Mail: | Phone: +49 2592 210 0