SARVAL – Respecting Nature

SARVAL consists of ISO-certified companies for the collection and recycling of bones, fats and rinds. We offer comprehensive services for slaughterhouses, cutting plants and butchers throughout Germany and neighbouring countries. Our primary goal is to achieve the highest possible added value of the collected products in order to realise market and customer-oriented conditions.

Your needs. Our Mission.

High-quality processes and standards enable us to meet our customers’ individual needs.

Trusted and preferred partner.

Transparency, reliability, and professional expertise characterize all our activities.

Integrity is non dispensable.

We comply with legal and ethical standards and are committed to corporate social responsibility.

Economic responsibility.

We foster the sustainable development of our partners and our own business by permanently striving for greater efficiency and competitiveness.

SARVAL stands for a full-service programme with services ranging from the collection of animal raw materials in the meat-processing food industry, cutting plants and butcheries to hygienic and high-quality recycling. The specific characteristics of the fats and flours produced by SARVAL are tailored to your requirements: flours for use in the pet food sector due to their protein content, flours as fertilisers for agriculture due to their high nitrogen and phosphate content. The fats produced are an important raw material for many industrial applications.

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Our customers are not the only ones who are enthusiastic about our products and services.

SARVAL places great emphasis on quality in all areas. Sustainability is not only our philosophy and corporate purpose at the same time. Our other activities also make us a reliable partner and employer. Our certifications are a promise to you.

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