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For a more sustainable world.

At SARIA, sustainability is both an aspiration and a corporate purpose. To do justice to this, we are guided by the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations. In the following, we would like to show you what contribution SARIA makes to achieving these goals through its activities and what measures we take to act in an ecologically, economically and socially sustainable manner.


Did you know?

The SDGs are the core of the 2030 Agenda, which the United Nations adopted in 2015. They are preceded by five core messages as principles guiding action: People, Planet, Prosperity, Peace and Partnership (“The 5 Ps"). The 17 main goals with their 169 sub-goals should be a guide for countries, companies and other actors to create a sustainable and just world. Click here for more information.

Read more about our SDGs

SARIA employs 11,000 people in many countries around the world. As an internationally active company, we also create jobs at fair wages and salaries in structurally weak regions. To counteract poverty in old age, for example, we offer all employees in Germany the option of a company pension plan.

We use overstocked food and food waste to produce organic fertiliser, which is a sustainable and resource-saving alternative to mineral fertiliser. The higher yields achieved in agriculture as a result of the fertiliser contribute to a better supply of food. To counter food waste, we run projects in schools in the UK, for example, to raise awareness of food consumption.

The safety and health of our employees are an indispensable part of our business. In addition to the development of occupational safety concepts for the protection of employees, preventive health care also plays a major role for us. Various offers are available to our employees, such as discounts for gyms, company bicycle leasing, insurance, and much more. With our Bioiberica division, we not only take responsibility for our employees, but also for the population. As a manufacturer of heparin, we supply a vital product to the pharmaceutical industry, which uses the active ingredient to produce drugs for the therapy and prophylaxis of thrombosis, among other things. One in five doses of heparin administered worldwide comes from Bioiberica.

SARIA offers employees training and development opportunities at all levels. As a training company, we give many young people the opportunity to learn a trade. In 2020, we employed 91 apprentices in Germany in 21 different trades. A trainee programme has been established in France, offering up to 150 trainees an opportunity to get to know the company and to grow and learn with it.

Gender equality is an essential part of our corporate culture. By offering flexible working hours and the option of part-time employment, we want to make it possible for women and men alike to balance work and family life. Job evaluations are carried out exclusively on the basis of objective criteria such as ability and qualification.

In order to reduce the need for fresh water as much as possible, we always make sure to reuse industrial water in the production process in a sensible way. With our own wells and wastewater treatment plants, we also reduce the need for fresh water and help relieve the burden on municipal wastewater treatment plants. Particularly in the more southern locations of our group, we are already noticing the effects of climate change on our water balance. For this reason, we have installed a water recovery system in Spain, for example, which uses reverse osmosis to significantly reduce the amount of fresh water required. For example, in 2018 we recovered the equivalent of 73 Olympic swimming pools of water.

In order to continuously reduce the energy requirements of our plants, we have introduced certified energy management systems at many sites. Our biogas plants produce enough renewable energy annually from food waste to supply all the households of a medium-sized city such as Heidelberg. With 283,000 tons of biodiesel per year, we produce an alternative fuel from used cooking oils and animal fat that has a CO2 balance that is up to 90% better than fossil diesel. In addition to saving and producing energy, we are also focusing on our power supply in the future. In Spain, Denmark and Germany, targets have been set to cover the demand for electrical energy with electricity from renewable sources.

The SARIA Group strictly observes human rights in accordance with the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR). We reject any kind of forced labour and child labour, as we have also made binding for ourselves and our partners in our Code of Conduct. We promote long-term economic growth by continuously improving our efficiency and competitiveness. In recent years, we have been able both to add further business areas and to increase our geographical reach (2003: operating in 6 countries, 2020: operating in 26 countries).

Over the last five years, SARIA has invested a total of around EUR 72 million in its existing infrastructure to make our facilities more (energy) efficient. We also promote the development and expansion of infrastructure in structurally weak regions. In addition to our growing infrastructure, we also invest in research and development. You can find various innovation projects in our latest SARIAnews.

As an internationally active company, we see it as our responsibility to establish Central European standards for efficiency, ecology and safety in regions where this is not yet the case. In various Eastern European countries, we are advocates of a consciously more sustainable approach to by-products and residual materials that is committed to environmental protection and resource conservation. We are committed to combating any discrimination on the grounds of ethnic origin, gender, religion, ideology, disability, age or sexual identity.

As a service provider in the field of recycling management, we also offer our services to municipal facilities. Cities and municipalities can use the climate-friendly electricity generated in our biogas plants on the basis of residual materials in their power grids and thus improve their CO2 balance. In addition, we produce 90 percent lower-emission biodiesel than fossil fuel, which is also used in municipal logistics.

SARIA's activities follow the basic idea of the circular economy: All of our business units are united by the idea of processing supposed residual materials in order to be able to reuse them in a meaningful way. In addition to the organic cycles, which are closed by ReFood, SecAnim or SARVAL, for example, the German company GERLICHER deals with the technical cycle and recycles its fat containers. In addition, we are striving to steadily increase the efficiency of our processes throughout the Group, while maintaining high quality and reliable service.

Reducing CO2 emissions is an essential part of climate protection measures. By introducing energy management systems in accordance with EN ISO 50001 at many of our production sites, we have been able to significantly reduce energy consumption and thus cut CO2 emissions. In addition, we offset a portion of the CO2 generated by business travel by supporting climate protection projects through the atmosfair organisation.

We produce single-variety, high-quality oils and proteins from residual materials of the fish processing industry, which otherwise would not find any use and would be disposed of. Due to their high omega-3 content, they are a sought-after raw material in the food industry, but are also used in animal feed production. In the collection and processing of fish by-products, we comply with the strict criteria set by the MSC sustainability standard, and have been certified as a producer and distributor of MSC fish meals and oils since 2009.

15. We have implemented an environmental management system in accordance with EN ISO 14001 at various locations within our group of companies. This enables us to systematically improve our environmental performance and reduce our impact. Our corporate division SecAnim takes on a responsible task in the handling of livestock. By removing fallen animal carcasses and the associated disease prevention, we contribute to the protection of livestock as a whole.
In addition to crop protection products and active ingredients for human health, Bioiberica also contributes to the well-being and performance of domestic and farm animals with various food and feed additives on a biological basis also contributes to the well-being and performance of and in turn helps to prevent diseases or epidemics in advance.

The SARIA Group prides itself on maintaining high standards in the honest and ethical conduct of its business. We have a zero tolerance approach to bribery and corruption and are committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business relationships and wherever we operate. We have laid this down in our Code of Conduct, which is binding for us and our partners.

As an internationally active group with companies in many parts of the world, we engage in a lively exchange of knowledge and technology with external partners. SARIA's Bioiberica division alone collaborates with around 200 research centres, universities, companies and healthcare institutions to find solutions to some of the biggest health challenges of our time. In addition to the external partnership, we also work internally to link our competencies and collaborate on various topics in an interdisciplinary and international manner.

Sustainable impact - two examples of many

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A career with SARIA.

We are the best partner for sustainable solutions and set new standards within our industry with tailor-made products and services. We look forward to meeting you!

With over 11,000 employees and operations in 26 countries around the world, SARIA is a global company and one of the leading specialists in the recycling of animal and plant residues. At the same time, as a family business, we value a hands-on mentality and want to challenge and promote each employee according to their abilities. It is this combination that makes us stand out as an employer and characterises everyday working life at SARIA.

Thanks to the wide range of activities and the continuous growth of our group, we offer exciting career opportunities and suitable jobs for almost any professional background. As an employee of the SARIA Group, you too can play your part in supporting the sustainable use of resources. You can find more information and current job openings here.

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